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Virtual Past brings together leading historians from the University of East Anglia with cutting edge Virtual Reality animators and GIS modellers to create historically accurate interactive websites and computer moddels for use in the heritage industry and education.

This multidisciplinary team has produced a variety of presentations that provide new ways for visitors to interact with heritage buildings and visitor attractions before, during and after their visit; increasing visitor engagement and accessibility and enhancing educational experiences.

Solutions avaiable range from basic models of buildings to bespoke virtual reality landscapes capable of illustrating patterns of development over the centuries. Models can be populated by significant characters of their time, allowing the use to develop their relationship with the buildings, people and historical artifacts.

Virtual Past delivers innovative approaches to develop new visitor interaction. The modern communication techniques are underpinned by world-renowned historical expertise, ensuring that the experience is educational as well as entertaining for the widest possible audience.

If you would like further information on Virtual Past please contact us on the following:

w: www.virtualpast.co.uk

 e: info@virtualpast.co.uk

t: +44 (0) 1603 591580

Find us: Earlham Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ