History of The Halls


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Background Information


Here you find a brief history of The Halls, discover what Norwich was like in the Middle Ages, why religion was so important to daily life, why the friars were different, who the Dominicans were and why preaching was so important.

The Medieval Halls


In this section you will discover where the The Halls were originally located, why the friars moved, who helped to fund them, what happened to the friars after the Black Death in 1348 and the fire in 1413.

The Impact of the Reformation


In this part of the website, you will learn about religious change, what impact the Reformation had on The Halls and the purchase of the site by the City.

The Middle Years (1600-1900)


A lot happened at The Halls during its Middle Years. Among other things you will discover when the steeple collapsed and learn about The Halls' growing importance as a venue for a famous music festival.

The Present Day


Read this section to discover when you can visit The Halls, who looks after the buildings now and what exciting plans are in store for its future.



Some of the material used here is based upon an excellent guide to The Halls written by Helen Sutermeister in 1977, and an MA thesis by a UEA student named Terence Adkin.