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This part of the site is designed to provide you with a variety of links to external websites that might be of interest. There are, for instance, lots of sites on friars, as well as medieval religion, and some are listed here. Other sites make available sources, including information on individual friars, translations of important sources, government records, academic articles and more! Of course, our suggestions are by no means exhaustive, and, as the web is constantly changing, you will find new sites appearing all the time (and old ones disappear).


Are there any more Websites about The Halls?

Norwich 12

Charting an extraordinary journey through the history of one of England's great cities, Norwich 12 offers a unique visitor experience which embraces the legacy of these iconic buildings, the pivotal roles they continue to play today and the remarkable cityscape which weaves them together. 


St Andrews Hall 

These magnificent buildings are available for hire for private and public events. Conveniently located in the heart of the city The Halls are an ideal location for conferences, dinners, trade fairs, concerts and weddings. The complex is within walking distance of the main line railway station and of several excellent parking facilities, with Norwich's international airport just a short taxi journey away.


Are there any Websites on Medieval Religion?

Medieval Sourcebook

This website contains a valuable range of medieval religious sources, all of which are indexed for teaching purposes.

The Middle Ages

This website is ideal for children, since it explains some of the key concepts of medieval religion in clear language.

The Catholic Encyclopaedia

The Catholic Encyclopaedia, as its name implies, aims to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine.


Are there any Websites on Friars and Friaries?

Guildford Friary

Guildford Friary was a house of the Dominican Order

London Blackfriars

An academic article on the London Blackfriars

Mendicant Orders

A basic introduction to the mendicant orders.


Where can I Research Medieval History for myself?

  • This country is blessed with some outstanding research libraries and institutions, and we would recommend that, if you want to undertake your own research, you should visit them and make the most of their resources.
  • The first place you should go, however, if you have a keen interest in Norwich Blackfriars or the history of Norwich is the Norfolk Record Office, Norwich (or NRO as it is more commonly known).
  • The NRO collects and preserves records of historical significance for the county of Norfolk and makes them accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. Most importantly it holds the archives of Norwich Blackfriars.

Other places to visit might be:

British Library

The British Library, London, is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world's greatest libraries.

National Archives

The National Archives is also the official archive for England, Wales and the central UK government, containing 900 years of history from Domesday Book to the present, with records ranging from parchment and paper scrolls through to recently created digital files and archived websites. Increasingly, these records are being put online, making them universally accessible.